Vespers in gloaming light


It has been exaclty 3 months since I turned 30.

Since then I have:

visited an old city in a new way
picked sunflowers and wildflowers on a Sunday in August
made a peach pie with the radio on
awoken early to walk the beach at sunrise in July
read a few new books
laughed until I cried
cried until I had nothing left
started an old job in a new way in September
finished organizing my room
learned what it means to be ok on my own
tried online dating
stopped online dating
met someone special out of nowhere
danced in the kitchen
drank in my bedroom
had a hangover without throwing up
watched bad scary movies
called friends
forgotten to call friends
spent a lot of time in Michaels
visited New Jersey
slept on a couch (x3)
prayed every day, even small prayers
lit candles next to my bed
cut flowers from the garden
wrote and wrote and wrote
created something new out of just an idea
finished a journal
created new dreams and started working towards them
taken bubble baths mid-day
eaten crackers after midnight
and toast
petted some new dogs
stopped worrying so much about what comes next.

I’d say I’m doing pretty ok. Thanks 30.

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