A Hope Chest of Light Keeping

What light through yonder window breaks?

She stands on the balcony silhouetted in the light.
But first she had to crack the stone to get through.
First she had to lose it all.
That looks different each time around.
And we may not realize it all the time but we lose often.
Sometimes the loses are small: a bobby pin, a favorite sock, a friend that no longer serves us. Often, we don’t feel these loses as extremely as when we lose our heart to the wrong person, or our favorite hat from our Grandmother in the movie theatre or that part we really, really wanted. There are other things we lose. Things that mean something but are forgotten or things that don’t mean anything until they are gone.

Loss like fog gives way to a new dawn. It takes time for the weather to change.
Sometimes, a really nice lady will answer your dad’s voicemail and have that special hat held off to the side to pickup in the morning.

Sometimes things work out, when you wish they would. Most times they don’t. That’s ok. We have a few chances, we better use them wisely.
Or at least be aware that we will only get so many.

Which at first, I thought was sort of sad, but not just feels that what I wish for needs to be more true, more connected.

Not just wishing for more wishes. But the courage to discern what I really want.
Not just wishing for brightness. But more light in order to see better.
Not just wishing for more time. But more sweet moments that make time seem never ending.

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