I received some exciting news. I read it in my email, slightly tipsy off of one glass of wine while the sun was setting behind the gas station that we were stopped in. I read it, then read it aloud to Mom, then read it aloud to Dad.

Life it seems moves in strange and large circles at the same time it moves in small and repetitive ones. Right now there is so much going on, mostly good and a little bad that I feel overwhelmed by the thought of accomplishing all of it. I suppose that is why they say, focus on what you can do one thing at a time.

The vastness of my to-do list is growing and I am falling behind it all, like a train leaving the station, slowly at first and then faster and faster as the engines rev and propel the machine forward into time and space. What can I do, but jump on board? Either jump or wave from the platform with a handkerchief. Those are the only two options. I hope I jump fast enough.

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