“Beware, for I am fearless and therefore powerful.”

Happy Valentine’s Day to the girl who last year thought she would never know joy again. Well, little Katie, looks like you got your polka dots back. 

Let’s hear it for loving yourself first, let’s hear it for the darkness we all have to abide to stretch towards the light, let’s hear it for the friends who hold you up, for the family who helps you find your footing, for the time of silence, the over sharing, the emotional mess, the ‘too much’ and ‘not enough’ of true heartbreak, for rejection, and desire, and gritting your teeth, and busting your shirt buttons with laughter unexpectedly, for retail therapy and too many cookies, for just getting through the day; for counting the days back to the last time you felt like you, for being brave and doing the hard things with swollen eyes. For hitting your 3rd decade completely different and for being grateful, grateful, grateful every day for making it here. Love yourselves to teach those around you how to love you best. I believe in you, you shiny and bright little fireflies. 

Love, the patron saint of three pink pattens and the lonely hearts bathed in light.

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