Vespers in gloaming light

A bath with a bubble and a thought

It is not often that one gets a Saturday Night to lay in a tub, but that is just what I did.

There is a special place in my heart for citrus epsom salt and singing Adele at the top of my lungs. It awakens the teenager in me. I will tell you this, I sat in the water and ate a chocolate donut and, truly is there anything more decadent than eating in the bathtub? I am not sure there is. Marie Antionette would be proud of me, I think. Although it’s not a habit I often indulge in. But in a perfect world, eating chocolates while taking a bubble bath would be at the top of my list.

Today, while driving home, I saw a whole flock of geese flying in formation. They went over the car and headed what I can only assume was North. Is Spring coming that soon? Yesterday, Mom commented that there were buds on the trees, when I mentioned that the air is too cold for such things she reminded me that it wasn’t the air but the ground that makes the trees bud. The ground warms and the roots feel it, and from there magic happens. Isn’t that funny? That what starts in silence and darkness and mystery turns into flowers and leaves?

And isn’t life that way too? Just small things that turn into big things. Bubble baths on Saturday nights, and birds flying North. Buds on trees and so on and so forth-the watch for Spring begins.

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