Vespers in gloaming light


True to it’s name the day was full of sunshine. Life, and all its complications and aggravations are no match for the nice weather. I feel stressed and overwhelmed but the window is open and the evening coming on slowly. I can watch it approaching, the sun casting it’s last glow on the large building across the street reflecting a glaze of orange off the windows. It reminds me of the big building I lived in in Cleveland, and since my curtains are finally up (thanks Mom), the apartment feels a little more home-y. John doesn’t like the table cloth, but oh well for him. Florals everywhere. Hello, spring.

The sound of the traffic outside is even enough to almost be ocean waves, the TV playing gate Duke/UCF game is monotone enough that I fell asleep for a half an hour and didn’t get too much of a crick in my neck. Small blessings. A glass of iced tea in a cup bought in Delaware with playing cards covering it. It’s heavy and cold in your hand. The fridge is full enough, the floor is swept. New hot pink carnations adorn the table. Small blessings.

I spend a lot of time looking for the right furniture online. Bed frames, lamps, rugs, curtains, tv consoles, book shelves. I never settle on one thing and the apartment is still bare. But the weather is getting nicer and slowly this place is tiptoeing towards becoming a home. I feel and fear I say the same things every week, and yet every week it is different. Even if just a little Better, stronger, happier. Simple blessings. Small incremental changes. Tipping and toeing. The bed-frame will come, the rugs too. But the moments of reflection and gratitude are easy to miss if I don’t take time to focus on them.

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