A Hope Chest of Light Keeping

Last day

I have completed my first semester as a professor. I am humbled and overwhelmed and count myself very lucky. I am scared about putting grades in the grade book. I am hopeful I will be allowed to continue to work in this way.

Sometimes I think, dreams take time to find and come to fruition. Perhaps I was never meant to be an actor but actually a teacher? I’ve never thought of it that way and somehow I am not completely believing it. But maybe, maybe a little whisper of ‘what if?’ has bubbled up. I would be a fool to ignore it.

Have I always been wandering this way? This way of mentorship and guidance? It comes naturally to me, not every day but most days. I should follow that. I should keep hold of that kite string. Don’t you think?

For now, I will be grateful that I will not have to balance so many schedules. That things may feel more relaxed. And that hopefully I can focus on some of my own creative projects.

For now I say: Thank you. To the place that has been so many firsts for me, now adds another first to the list.

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