Vespers in gloaming light

A wishful thinking

How to spend a perfect Sunday:
1)Awake, late and without an alarm. Your body is not sore. You do not feel tired or hungover.
2)Get up and realize what a brilliant human you are for cleaning on Saturday so that your home is tidy and clutter free.
3)Open all the curtains, let the light in. Watch it dance while the teakettle boils. Touch it with your toes. The floor is brilliantly clean. You remember once more how amazingly smart you are for cleaning the day before.
4) Drink your tea. Everything is quiet. You write some things in your journal. The dog looks at you as though you are covered with gauze. Her gaze is loose. She is sleepy too. She sighs but does not get up.
5) You shower and it is not too hot and not too cold. You step out refreshed and slightly pink. Also, when catching sight of your body you realize how good you look. You are appreciative of how strong you are. You do not say anything mean to yourself as you get dressed. Before you dress you actually remember to put on body lotion.
6) You slip on something ridiculously comfortable which is also somehow acceptable to enter society in. It is not too tight or too loose.
7) You eat pancakes, they are, can you believe it? Calorie free. You eat until you are full.
8) Your boyfriend gets up and showers you in compliments and kisses. You’ve never felt so adored.
9) You take the dog out. She is well behaved. You hold hands with your boyfriend. You explore somewhere new, you have starbucks in your hand and somehow it never empties.
10) You come home and grab a book. There is a comfy chair to read in and light to read by.
11) You nap for 45 minutes and wake up refreshed.
12) You plan and cook dinner. Your boyfriend is in a great mood. He compliments you some more. You dance in the kitchen, he puts his hands on your face when you kiss. You feel very safe. And very appreciated.
13) The dog does not bark at anything outside.
14) Magically, chocolate chip cookies appear after dinner! Wow! Again, calorie free. What a treat. You eat…1000 of them. There is 1000 left over. Cool.
15) You climb into bed after a day full of hours that seem never-ending. You are not afraid of the week ahead. You do not feel dread when going to sleep. Your hair looks great. You are positive and loving. You are open to new experience and aware that you can handle anything life throws at you. You fall asleep in clean sheets.

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