A letter to my sister, on her Birthday:

Dear Mackenzie,

While walking Bella, I saw on the pavement a large Daddy Long Legs sitting, staring in the direction of Starbucks. He did not move when I approached, nor did he flinch when I stepped over him. I looked over my shoulder as I walked away. I saw him wave his top hat. I thought that would tickle your fancy, knowing that gentleman still exist in the world.

Today is your birthday and today I wish we were together. Every day there is something that reminds me of you and makes me want to call you and ask if we are still going to be watching scary movies in the living room later because Mom and Dad are gone for the night.

My hope for you this year is that everything good comes home to roost. That everything that is worrisome fades away. That you laugh until you pee your pants and fall on the floor. That you find good food to eat. That you always have twinkle lights. And a cup of tea and good shows on netflix. That Liam doesn’t have astronomically high vet bills. That Rickie takes you on a date or two. That the tequila is cold. That the coffee is hot. That you come home for the holidays and we have time to watch Christmas movies with Mom while she makes Chocolate chip cookies. I hope 27 proves to be the year you need. A year to remember with good things in them. All yours, bright shiny and new.

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