A Hope Chest of Light Keeping

Up and at it

This is what I tell my students: you never enter a moment where you don’t think you are going to achieve your objective. And you fight with everything you have to do just that.
Finally, when everything else fails-you stop fighting.
You find a new objective after you experience the realization of loss. This is how you do it. 
So this is how you do it: you wake up and remember, and you probably cry a little.
Then you get up and do what you are suppose to do, maybe you do something for you.
You lean on your friends. You cry a little more.
You clean your room. You make your bed.
You sit in it. Not the room, your feelings…but I suppose yes, also the the room.
You experience the loss, the devestation and the fear.
And you know the sun will rise tomorrow, and there will be moments soon to enjoy and grab onto.
A new objective to achieve.
A new scene to play.
A new obstacle in your way.
There is a difference about being informed by the moment before and still living in a moment that is passed.
But no matter what that means, you still need to feel it to heal it.

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