A Hope Chest of Light Keeping

Spring Semester advice

Take a breath, a really big one and enjoy it. 
Go ahead and roll your shoulders back and drop them into place. They don’t belong at your ears. 
Trust me. 
Root your feet into the ground, balance comes from building things correctly, not swiftly. 
It’s ok if you need to get water, in fact everyone should get some more water. 
You are exactly where you are suppose to be and even if you feel you are not, that’s ok too-there are lessons to learn here as well. 
Don’t over work your pieces. Freedom comes from creating the structure and then letting it go.
Follow your impulses, all the ones that tell you to stay and also the ones that tell you to leave. Anything that was meant to be yours will always be yours, so let the dread subside. 
Get your workouts done early if you can, make a list and cross off your to-dos. Take it one day at a time, your mind does not belong in next week. 
Wash your sheets every two weeks and don’t go to bed without saying “thank you” at least once to whatever you think is listening. Even if it’s just space; goodness creates more goodness. 
Forgiveness is for you. 
If I don’t remember your name, I promise I know your face. And I see you. 
Don’t be late, take your shoes off. 
Remember how delicious is was to be carefree? You can feel that again, meet yourself half way. 
Everyone should be able to touch their toes. 
Strength without flexibility is tension. Flexibility without strength is bad boundaries. Learn the difference, learn your tendencies. 
Your body naturally will always want to heal. Balence. Wellness. Health. 
Listen to it, it’s the smartest doctor in the room.
I’m the guide, all I do is unlock the door and flick on the lights.
You gonna come to class? 
You gonna cross through?
I’ll meet you there.

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