A Hope Chest of Light Keeping

32 things I learned this year

1) There is no wrong way to do this. (Unless you are miserable, that’s pretty much the wrong direction.)
2) Sometimes doing hard things is just hard and it doesn’t get easier. 
3) The heart truly keeps going even when you are scared.
4) Understanding yourself is a skill that must be practiced. 
5) Good, loving, connected sex is important.
6) Demanding the best for yourself is your job. 
7) Settling for less is boring and sad. 
8) Follow bliss. Forever. And intuition. It’s YOURS. 
9)  There is little that can fix things like toast with strawberry jam, or an everything bagel with cheddar cheese. 
10) Helping your parents is not only cool, its fun.
11) Dream it, and dream it more.
12) Never underestimate a person who will play a game with you. 
13) Find the people that make you laugh and foster that relationship. 
14) Trail mix has too many raisins in it. 
15) Flavor seltzer water must be cold. 
16) Being called ‘a fool’ hurts.
17) Death beds are frightening. 
18) Your white wine is going to taste better cold. 
19) There is no way to hide the smell of popcorn from your mother. 
20) We all just want to be seen, and have that be important. 
21) Bravery comes in all shapes and sizes. You can be brave and still feel small.
22) For God’s sake: back up your computer. 
23) Pull the trigger and get Amazon Prime, and a meditation app.
24) A sexy lingerie selfie when you hate your body WILL help you feel like yourself. 
25) Say yes before you know what is being asked and figure the rest out. 
26) Don’t let yourself down just because you want to please people. 
27) No amount of cleaning will save a bad relationship.
28) Friends come and go-wish them well, don’t dwell.
29) You cannot undo the things you’ve done. But you can learn and do better.
30) You will come back to yourself even when it’s slow and painful.
31) Looking backwards is a form of self harm.
32) Don’t give so much advice, just listen. Just lend a hand or a shoulder.
33)* Let it come to you sometimes.

*For good luck.

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