Incantations of Laughter

(For Abby and all the rest.)They burned the witches.Broke their collar bones too. Turned them from flesh to ash.And threw them under the rocks haphazardly as you would the weeds in an unruly garden.A backwards bible. Cast them off of ledges and broke their necks for herbal cures and birthing your children safely.Finger’s pointing in their faces.… Continue reading Incantations of Laughter

A Hope Chest of Light Keeping

Spring Semester advice

Take a breath, a really big one and enjoy it. Go ahead and roll your shoulders back and drop them into place. They don’t belong at your ears. Trust me. Root your feet into the ground, balance comes from building things correctly, not swiftly. It’s ok if you need to get water, in fact everyone should get some more… Continue reading Spring Semester advice

Vespers in gloaming light

A thought at dinner with someone I thought I liked

I looked out the window and thought this: “Am I the barometer for these men to find out if they can love?” I get even the hardest of cases at my door, knocking with hat in hand, weaving me stories and I invite them in. I can love anyone if I find something special about them.… Continue reading A thought at dinner with someone I thought I liked