Vespers in gloaming light


Summer, you have been good to me.
You have not always been fair or easy, but you have always met me where I am.
Summer, though I know we will be together for a little while longer; I want to thank you for letting me be.
Truly present in the pain, the sorrow, the anger, the deep loneliness; the hysterical giggling, the drunken dance parties, the birthday cake, the ice cream and the lazy smiles.
Summer, if I could hand you every sunrise I saw, every dragonfly, every hummingbird, the fawn, snake and flower, both oceans, the seashells and rocks and mosquito bites, it would not add up to half of how beautiful it was to be with you.
I have had busier summers, more exciting ones, more travel-filled and Instagram worthy.
But you were mine, 30th summer, to find alone and feel how wonderful aloneness can be.
I still feel you, peeking behind the last full moon of your season, slightly smiling as though you knew
you were just what I needed.

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