When loving you patiently
I find myself gritting my teeth
because I think I know best,
when I don’t know at how to love you yet at all.

I know how I have loved in the past
and how I have been loved,
but to love you?
Someone so new.
I don’t know.
How dare I even pretend to.

We are as raw as a kitten in a snowstorm.
Blinded by the birth into being
cold and also hungry
we exist with simple desires:

Later, perhaps, when the foundation has been formed
and tested by the elements
we will know how to love another more fully.
Or at least with more patience.

Until then, I will continue to grit my teeth
and hope that my jaw will unhinge
with words of friendship and wonder
and none of the frustration
I feel with myself when I love you
in only the ways I think best.

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