Vespers in gloaming light

Questions to myself for Spring:

The light is changing, why can’t you?
Why can’t you let warmth touch the places that have been cool and dark through the winter?
Why can’t you trace your own dust lines on the furniture without feeling guilty? How can that guilt live in the sunlight? 
Doesn’t it just shrivel when you bring it out and fully see it, examine it, accept it?
How can you be a creature of luminosity?
Where can you be more light-leaning?
Are you ready to grow?

It won’t be long now, if you can hold on tight enough to the promise of it all. If you ask the questions and are willing to stand still for the answer. You have to let the breeze move through your hair and the sun move across your face before you have the answer. The hardest thing about it all, is just letting it all be. Can you? Can you let it be, and try patience before anger. Before worry or anxiety. Patience, what a virtue. If you stand still you will gain it through your breathe.

You don’t have to do it alone. Come on, take my hand.

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