An Ode

My eyes are drawn to the rebirth in the season.
As the trees bloom, I am preparing my sister for a bride.
I am open to the sweetness that comes from forgiveness of ones self; which now I know is cylindrical. 
How hard work feels so good in the body at the end of the day. 
I did not see this a year ago. All these good gifts. I did not see how different twelve months can make.
It only takes a second. A question. A curiosity. It only takes a moment to realize the end is also a beginning. So many good beginnings in my life right now. 
So many openings. So much light catching in the lace. 
And more heads nodding in communion.
And joyful voices raised towards the heavens with “amen”.
Gratitude looks a lot like love. A shimmering piece of glass held up against the window, twinkling back at you. 
It only takes a single blink to look up and say “thank you.”
It only takes a second to look down and notice the flowers.
Here for a season, a moment truly, then gone. 
God, help me be present. I know I am not much different than the flowers. I know I too, only have a short amount of time-all things considered. Help me breathe it all in.

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