Vespers in gloaming light

April showers, bring May flowers

Mackenzie puts the ‘blushing’ in ‘blushing bride’ for many reasons.
Her beauty.
Her kindness.
Her sense of fun.
Her ability to turn anything into sexual innuendo.

Her Bridal shower was exactly what a shower should be. Small. Full of people who love her. Full of good food and a lot of laughter. Women, strong and happy looking towards her with good wishes and light. People who have loved her since she was born. Aunt Nini, Aunt SheShe, me, Mom. And then of course Kelly (who feels as though she has been around forever-but it’s only been 7 years).

It felt good to be away from men. To spin and weave in our own colors for the sheer purpose of enjoying within. It wasn’t about being embarrassed by the gaze of judgement or overwhelmed with pressure. Just to be. To be a bride before the wedding. To be the women who support her as she steps into the next identifier: wife. To dance around the kitchen table and drink cold drinks in the kitchen sunshine. To laugh at silly things. And enjoy the festivities of a wedding, including opening up presents. Cooing over new towels and new sheets and lingerie. It felt somehow ancient and also new.
What a gift she gave us by being the first to bring us to this place.

Happy always, we love you Mackenzie

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