’tis the season.

First ice cream. John, Bella and I walked up to the snowball stand. Bella had her first frosty paw, licking gently out of the cup and biting the paper unsure of what exactly she was eating. John got raspberry with marshmallow. And I, of course, had vanilla with rainbow sprinkles. A classic, a necessity.
A few high school girls wanted to pet her, which Bella allowed in a confused sort of way and we sat watching as the afternoon floated by. I was on break from work, but somehow the completely summertime activity made me feel as though work had ended already.
Things to remember:
When your boyfriend asks to do something nice for you: let him.
Any chance you have to watch a dog eat ice cream: do it.
Don’t forget to be a kid: even if it’s just for thirty minutes.
Look at the violets in the grass. Look at the grass. Look at something other than your phone.
Life is fun. If you let it be. In small ways-they add up to big ways when you look back.

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