A Hope Chest of Light Keeping

The joy of running

The thing about getting a dog is that the dog needs to be exercised.
I like working out as much as the next person (see not at all), but I do it because it is good for my body and I am trying to slow the aging process down as much as possible.
But Bella requires a walk at least once a day, although what she really needs is a good run. A run until her tongue is falling out of her mouth.
Well, that is exactly what she got tonight. Although it is chilly here, John and I took Bella over to Uncle Nick’s and Aunt Sherri’s where she ran like the devil in their fenced in yard; her coat gleaming in the setting sun and the sound of her paws as heavy as any Triple Crown Hopeful at Pimlico.
Uncle Nick said we should have named her “Bullet” because of her speed. Mackenzie has dubbed her “Beelzebub” because of her temperament.
One cannot help but laugh when you see a dog running full force towards a tennis ball. Or prancing the perimeter, smelling where the gate is. Listening to the other dogs in the neighborhood bark as they eat a bone on the back patio. When we got home John and I hoped that she would be worn out and would lay down after dinner, sleeping like an angel. Instead she wanted to play tug of war, and ball, and show each of us her stuffed animal. Here is her face as I try to type this.
I try not to laugh. But I get how important it is to have you parents attention at all times.
Maybe we should take her back tomorrow, couldn’t hurt right?

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