A Hope Chest of Light Keeping

Summer’s arrival

I’ve walked the beach and eaten ice cream. I’ve gotten a slight tan and sweated while taking Bella around and around the block. I ran the 5k (slower than last year but ran just the same). I’ve washed the sheets, and vacuumed the rugs. I’ve thrown open the windows and turned on the air. I’ve had a lot of seltzer water and braved the grocery store, watched the sun rise and saw Bella see the ocean and the sand. I’ve sat on the porch looking at magazines. I’ve had white wine in a delicate glass. I’ve watched movies from redbox and laughed about silly things. I’ve gone to bed early and overslept the alarm. I swam in the new pool and got bit by mosquitos, ran through the bookstore and shopped at the outlets. I had a fresh lemonade, and melted ice in a glass. I looked at the garden and brought the fairies out of sleep. I’ve hunted through my closet and folded and refolded towels. Bought a rug for 10 dollars.

Memorial weekend is always one of my favorites, this one was no different. Today we celebrate slowly and by cleaning the whole car out. Planning out June and walking the dog. Napping. Being grateful that John served and came home safe. That he’s still safe. That he’s here. And thinking of all the people who didn’t get to come home and the families whose beginning to summer is marked with loss.

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