Vespers in gloaming light

A time line on a birthday

John and I started dating in September. 
He was a person from my past, a boy I sat behind in theology class Junior year, who came back into my life the way a flash happens in a frying pan. BOOM, he had arrived. He was insistent on talking to me and made me feel like the most interesting person he’d ever met. 
We spent time together in Baltimore and then he went back to Massachusetts where he was living. 
I flew to Boston, we got an air B&B and he took me to Concord. 
He spent Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years with me. 
In January, he moved to Baltimore. 
In April, we got a dog. 
I moved in. 
In May he went to Mackenzie and Rickie’s wedding where he worked as hard decorating as though they were his siblings too. We’ve done late nights, hard days, silly afternoons and surprising mornings. Walks in the woods. The parks, the beach, sunrises and sunsets. He’s a fantastic cook, a great dog-dad and a terrific dancer. Once I was laying in bed crying for no reason and he wrapped his arms around me and said “take a shower, wash this off and let’s go for a drive.” We did. It was just what I needed. 
Just like he is. 
Yesterday was his birthday and I’m so lucky he’s mine. 
Happy 31st John. I love you. 

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