Vespers in gloaming light

A week of goodbye

Next Sunday I turn 31.

A year ago that fact did not seem possible. That is the glory and beauty of time and space. Things happen that you did not imagine. The whole world can change for you if you give it time. I gave it time. Life has changed some of it for good, some for not so good. But that is the dice we roll.

It feels weird that this is my last week of being 30. It has been a good year, I have learned a lot and I suppose that is really the most important part. Learning and changing, hopefully, for the better.

Here are some of my favorite memories by the month:
Walking on the beach every morning with Mom in July (hello sunrise queen!) .
Visiting Mackenzie and Rickie in August (The cute apartment in New Jersey).
The flower farm with Mom, Dad and John (and duh, lunch after) in September.
Visiting Concord in October, John and I experiencing our first trip together (3 days after my emergency appendectomy).
The anticipation of the holidays in November.
John’s nachos for the first time in December while the Raven’s played in the basement (our walk to the hotel are a close second).
The sunrise with Mom and John on the first of January, and the kiss he gave me at Midnight.
John moving to Baltimore in February.
Creating a home, including curtain rods, with Mom in March.
Saving Bella in April (although she is slowly driving me nuts, nothing new there.)
Sitting on the upstairs porch with the gang at Mackenzie and Rickie’s wedding in May.
Finding a new appreciation for family in June.

Here are some of the hardest lessons:
In July I learned that loneliness is a daily companion
In August I learned it takes longer to heal then I wanted it to.
In September I learned being humble changes the way you see the world
In October I learned to take my time.
In November I learned that love outlasts humiliation.
In December I learned that people will hide, but you will see them all the same.
In January I learned that a new year does not always mean everyone wants to change.
In February I learned that boundaries are hard to maintain.
In March I learned that my anger was over-rated.
In April I learned that I have less patience than I thought.
In May I learned that the people who are there for you, have often been there the whole time.

Can’t say yet for June. Stay tuned.

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