Vespers in gloaming light

Life as it is

I write this tipsy. But I need to remember.

Bella drank my wine.
She lapped, lady-like from my wine glass when she thought I wasn’t looking. Her eyes looked around the room while she did it. But she didn’t see me in the corner. Two laps with her pink tongue and I descended. She did not look ashamed. She promptly laid down and took a nap. I think I should too.
I turned the lights on early. The twinkling ones, you know. It is more hot than I can even express, but here I am plugging in the Christmas lights that I keep up all year long. John naps, the deep sleep of the exhausted, holding a pillow like a life-raft. The house is quiet except for the hum of air conditioners and the sound of a shovel out front. It seems the birds aren’t even singing.

Imagine a cool, clear pool of water lapping against a shoreline. A hot breeze, a sunrise. How glorious to slip my feet and then whole body in and sigh in the pleasure of the crispy water. In this type of weather I day-dream for fall. Crunching leaves, boots and scarves. My leather jacket and breathe seen in the early morning. A pair of gloves. Perfume crystallizing in the air.

I think I’ll take a bath now. (A hot one though). And imagine Fall arriving like a soothing hand on the fevered brow of the earth.

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