A Hope Chest of Light Keeping

perspective in the light

Bella and I took this walk after I got off of work. It was a good way to say goodnight. 
The day was done and we were waiting for John to get home, which was a perfect time to exhale a whole bunch and sniff about the grass. I plugged in all twinkle lights before I left, so that when we returned home there was a glow from beyond the white curtain on the door beaconing us in. 
The house was cool, the bed made. A single cup in the sink let me know that John had orange juice before he left for work. He was caring enough to take out the trash. Hang up the towel, leave the air conditioner on. Sometimes love is just small things. 
Bella took it upon herself to sleep on the bed when we returned and I stayed in the living room thinking about what should be hung on the wall behind the couch. 
It’s important to note that these moments of still and quiet do not happen often. It is chaos and dirty dishes and music most evenings. But in the precious time where nothing interrupts my thoughts-I notice how a feeling of home sneaks up ever so gently and settles in.
The house is old, built in the late 1800s and the window in the dining room gets the best light at sunset. It sends a rainbow prism onto the table and against the walls. I think of the people who bought the house, built this house, and imagine it was purposeful that the morning light hit closer to the kitchen and bedrooms and the evening light illuminated the front porch with orange and amber hues on the oak floors.
I’m sure it was on purpose.
I can’t be the only one who has ever thought these things. I know I am not.
And somehow, I feel tied to every parlor maid and lady of the house who walked through and found pleasure in the way the sun set right in through the window.
In the great wheel of time and the returning of seasons, I too marvel at the simplest of things. The sun setting behind a hill. The loud sniffing of a dog having a good time. The whisper of a high button shoe, remembered only by those who take enough time to be rendered speechless by the light dancing on the floor.

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