A good word to mull over on the first of the month.
A great chance to start over or keep going.
What I intend to do often times gets railroaded by the rest of life. That doesn’t make me special, I think all people deal with this. But the idea that catastrophe could strike and I would be able to weather it all without changing my path-boy that would be a sure-fire way to grow strong.
In the spirit of this idea: Here is what I intend to create this August:
1) Read every day, even if it’s just 10 minutes. Just to get my brain going. Just to accomplish something pleasurable.
2) (Although it is boiling hot, go with me on this one…) Take more baths. I love a bubble bath and its a great way for my muscles to relax. Afternoon baths are my tried and true way to connect to myself every day.
3) Do yoga with John every Sunday. We’ve done it one Sunday and it was a great way to start the day.
4) Date night once a week. John and I are bad at this, and I am looking forward to getting better at it.
5) Enjoy the end of summer. Take time to breathe in the smell of fresh-cut grass. The sun setting pink and orange behind the leafy trees. Eat a peach. And a watermelon. Let the juice go everywhere. Find more ice cream to try. Revere the butterflies and fireflies and flowers everywhere. Give this moment her place fully before I let her go for another year.

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