A Hope Chest of Light Keeping

A new beginning

Today I walked the halls again as a professor. My shoes were wrong and my bra felt too tight and after two hours of speaking and looking around the room at blank 19 year old faces, I was so tired I came home and took a two hour nap.
I love being back in the building talking to my old professors about new things. I promised coffee with four people. I breathed in fresh cool air while I walked up the staircase from the student union with my secret: I am not one of you, but I was.
I see so many places that meant something to me ten years ago. And now those places are the same and also changed. The campus is expanding slowly but surly but the grass is freshly mowed as it always has been. Things are new in a place that is old. I am praying that that means more good things can come from a place of gratitude.
Cross your fingers, and say your prayers. The train is taking off from the station and you cannot stop it so enjoy the ride.

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