Wilder and wilder still

There are no words sometimes for the journey you are on. You must get to the other side before you can process. In the middle of the sun setting, when everything glows, its easy to want to stop and look around you. Marvel at the beauty. Sit and wait. But sometimes before you know it, the sun has set and the cold falls in on you and you are long from home. You need to find your way back, by moonlight or starlight or firefly light. Whatever can get you there. If only you hadn’t waited to watch the gold fade.

But perhaps while you are out there you realize that you’ve become part of the world you are scared of. Running from. Hiding from. And the glow of the porch light leads you back the same way even though you track mud now when you walk through the door.

With the sun through the pines and the smell of jasmine reverberating off the last tangle of summer’s wreath. Today I want to remember that it’s easy to grow, even when it seems unlikely. Mostly because growing comes naturally to those of us who are wild things.

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