A Hope Chest of Light Keeping

I will not be sad on the first day of Fall

I am sweating. I have been sweating for months. There is a constant drip down my spine, pooling under my arms, gathering on my upper lip.

And I have no idea what to wear. A terrible feeling to constantly be looking longingly at my sweater collection and not be able to put them on. September, yes, it ushers in all sorts of images of Autumn but in reality it is a sweaty slog towards Halloween. T-shirts still. Tank tops even. My god, I feel like a chicken boiling in a pot.

Today is the first day of Fall. And it is sweltering. But I refuse to be sad. I refuse to give in the goblin of summer, spreading her hot hands over the idea that Autumn approaches, drumming a frosty drum, leaves falling in her wake.

I will not be sad. I will not let what has happened effect what will be. I will look at the slowly-turning leaves and be grateful for my job. For my friends. For my parents and family. For the approaching of Halloween and the holidays beyond. Thanksgiving. Christmas. The new year. And maybe snow. And then the wait for spring. And then we start all over. And over and over. And before you know it, I will be complaining again about how hot it is in September. There is something to smile about in the consistency of it.

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