Vespers in gloaming light


Today I took Mom to see Downton Abbey. I got popcorn and we split a coke. We snuck in candy. The previews took forever. There were three loud women in front of us who finally shut up when the movie began. It was fun, seeing all the characters again and watching the house appear in a grand and theatrical way in front of me so large and imposing.

Over the past few weeks I’ve been re-watching the whole series. It has been bittersweet. I remember where I was when I started watching and how as the time went forward with the Crawley family, so too it went with me. Mom and I use to text each other through each episode on Sunday night’s at nine, once I went back to Cleveland. Katie and I would walk on the treadmill slowly for an hour just to see what happens because I didn’t have cable in my apartment. And now I got to see them all on the big screen. It was fun to do that with Mom, who originally got me hooked. And then got MomMom hooked. So I can’t help but think about her too.

You would have liked it MomMom, but I feel like you were with us in spirit.

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