A Hope Chest of Light Keeping

wishing stones

A dream.

A dream about a big backyard and glowing sunset filtering through the trees. Twinkle lights hung abound and laughter punctured through music as if it were written in (in pencil, of course, at final dress). A cello, soft and low; a whisper, sweet and promising, and a ring of flowers in my hair.
Lavender and green ribbons around a May pole and clasped hands swinging circles into something new. Something old. Something borrowed. Something blue.
There was lace around my bare feet, and the breeze of a just-ripe Spring evening sent dewy chills heavenward up my spine. The forsythia; yellow, buttery and skyborn, tickles against the greenery of new tree leaves.
The dogwoods promising as deeply as the magnolias to over ripen; a blanket of pink beneath themselves like skirts folded as protection during a picnic.
Tulips and snowdrops white and pale as though ladies hands were reaching out of the ground in shy blessing.
The beginnings of peonies and roses budding.
The purple hyacinths giving perfume at every inhale.
A heady, warm and wet smell of new earth turned and champagne bubbling over and many people pressing closer and closer together like a carousel; marking this space as sacred.
Protecting what has just been created.
Promising to witness the joy and the sorrow.
And center to all the wild turning; the axis on which all color and light swirl and change around; the lynchpin of the whole reason for the wildness— two people; despite the beauty and glory of the evening, of the just-wakening earth, of the sheer joy upon their loved ones faces; are looking only towards each other with wild abandon and extreme tenderness. Blushing from collarbone to forehead with desire and adoration, I felt myself there gazing unashamed into eyes I knew very well and feeling home.
And finally after so much searching and sorrow, heartache and worry; truly knowing home and being unafraid.
But then the image shifted again. Blinking rhinestones and shooting stars and 4th of July sparklers.
I awoke from the dream as soon as I, surrounded by love and goodness, pressed my face to the lapel of his jacket and inhaled the scent of you.

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