Vespers in gloaming light

prayers of hope

All of you that changes is welcome with me.
All of you that shifts when the wind blows.
All of you that let’s go when the Burden becomes heavy.
All of you that learns how to pick it back up again and carry it longer.
All of you that tastes sweetness and sighs.
All of you who knows bitterness and learns.
All of you, sugar spun and smoke laden, reaching for aid.
All of you, going home and not knowing where that is yet.
All of you looking inward while you move externally.
All of you too frightened to move at all.
All of you covered in darkness.
All of you incandescent with light.
All of you in-between and messy with desire, with passion, with despair.
I don’t mind.
I don’t mind what you bring or how you show yourself to me.
Trust me, I’ll see it all eventually.
But I don’t mind, no, what you offer shyly or with great fanfare; as long as you bring all of you.

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