Vespers in gloaming light


This morning, while watching the sun peek over the roof of the house across the street, I saw a little brown butterfly float so gently she looked like a leaf falling from the tree. That is how I feel getting to know you. Like I am both falling and floating. Moments of ease punctured by a hiccup of movement.

Baltimore is a land of possibility and home. Of rain. Of sunshine and black-eyed-Susans and does walking through the backyard. A patio on which we sat and looked at the stars and the tip of your cigarette glowing gently. The trees watching as we learned our way around what we were feeling; our legs intertwined while we sat on the ground. We sang one another songs. The evergreen swayed back and forth. It was all new and that was ok.

I saw your teeth glowing in the dark when you laughed at something I said. I thought, do I trust that grin? Then I thought, I wonder if I look as feral as you when I grinned back. My canine teeth visible, you didn’t seem afraid at all.

And maybe, that is enough right now.

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