that holy trinity dancing in tune to the same music

Things I know now:
*You need to love yourself well.
*You need to be ok with being alone for the rest of your life because you are AWESOME and fun! And you create a life of abundance and surround yourself correctly with the right people, places and things.
*No one will complete you, but you. You MUST belong to yourself before you belong to anyone else. That is home. You are home. Find home within you and see how good it feels and then you will not except anything less than what you know you deserve.
*The best people in our lives help us love ourselves better, help us take care of ourselves so we in turn can take care of those around us.
*Words mean nothing, but action everything. These two things should go hand in hand.
*This is my life.
*There IS someone out there that I won’t second guess, that WILL feel like home too.
*I’m trying to do my best. My best is not great, but my best is not awful, most days. It’s small. It’s a very big life made of many small things. And in those small things I am learning to love myself more and learning hold myself up to the light because there is no one else to do it but me. It is my job to reflect the light that is within me, around me, in the world and in the sadness. It is my job, and I take that as sacred and holy.
*No one can hold you to the light if you don’t hold yourself up first. If you expect someone else to do it you become one of those little plants that grow in the dark all shriveled and small because you expected someone to do your job. It was not his job, it was mine, and I let go when I should of held on to myself.
*We are the only ones who can reflect ourselves properly.

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