Vespers in gloaming light

Oh boy

To get my arms around you, oh boy. Oh boy what a treat.
I am not sure yet if that is what I want to fix my mood.
But today, oh boy, I could use your arms around me and vice versa.
I wouldn’t even worry about the smoke in my eyes.
I wouldn’t complain about the scratch of your beard.
I wouldn’t tell you to change the music or yell because you weren’t listening.
I would just be content to hear you breathe while you slept, your eyes closed, your heart open. The ability to snuggle up to you and not talk at all. I get tired of talking. I do, I know that seems impossible since I am constantly going on about something but I do. I do get tired. And I am wondering if you would be willing to hold the tiredness for a little while.
Sometimes I just want someone else to hold it while I get my arms around them and free fall towards comfort.

All of this isn’t normal and I am sure I will look back (if I’m lucky enough to keep you) and say this was magical and god-sent and all the things I never feel in the moment.

For now, I just want to lace my hands through your hair, and feel how warm it is on my cold fingertips. Oh boy, and I can’t tell you what comes next. It’s show with no tell.

Thats all.

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