The two that started it all

Today is Mom and Dad’s 32nd wedding anniversary, which I am very happy about because I know love is hard and seeing them excel makes me hopeful that I can too. They have taught me everything I need to know about relationships, here are few of my favorites:

1) Your partner should be your best friend. As Dad says: if Mom isn’t there, he doesn’t want to be there because she is the party to him.

2) Laughter is key to make it in the long haul. Mom loves to laugh and Dad loves to make her do so.

3) Figure it out together. When life got tough my parents closed ranks and the five of us together created our own new little pack.

4) There isn’t anything an ice cream can’t fix. Or a cold Coke.

5) Know how the other person experiences love. My mom loves presents. My Dad loves quality time. I think they try to make this happen for one another as often as possible.

6) Be a united front against the rest of the world. Home should be a place of comfort and safety, it takes time to create it but it’s worth it.

7) Make memories and celebrate everything; otherwise life is going to be dull and pass you by pretty swiftly. Besides, it’s more fun that way.

8) Forgive easily.

9) Make your own traditions.

10) Let your wife have a Target card.

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