Vespers in gloaming light

Around again

Dear First Monday in December,

I sure am happy to see you. How did we get so far in the year? This year of so much learning and so much growing. So much for me has changed, even reading back over this blog I can see snapshots of it all in hindsight.

The lessons I’ve learned are too many to count and the blessings that are mine are so many they are as numerous as stars.

But back to you, I sure am glad to see you. I went into work today and there are more decorations up, trees and garland, poinsettias and wreathes, I enjoy the color of you. Gold, silver, red, green, blue, white, sparkling and shining.

In New York the whole city becomes jolly with holidays and every street corner is lit up with twinkle lights or ribbon. It’s hard not to feel festive when every street is shouting with glee. I loved the moments when I could bundle up in an overcoat and hat and walk through the corner Christmas tree stand. People standing with coffee smelling the firs and balsams. Even if I wasn’t going to be buying one, I enjoyed seeing families dragging one home. I loved watching the windows light up with trees as the sun went down every night. December is the time to be in New York City.

But I found, coming home tonight that there was a sight more beautiful than all the glories and fancies of Manhattan at Christmas time and that was my own front porch, lit up with candles the garland of lights ablaze on the stairs.

I knew people who loved me were inside. I knew the kettle was boiling. I knew I was moments away from calling John, and putting on comfortable clothes.

And it made me feel comforted and joyful. A thrill of hope, my weary world rejoices in the simple happiness of being home for the holidays.


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