Blessing of the season

I am laying in my bed.
A blessing.
I am suppose to be at work, but I got my shift covered.
A blessing.
My room is clean.
A blessing.
My presents are wrapped.
A blessing.
A candle is lit.
A blessing.
I’ve had four chocolate chip cookies today. (Freshly baked, thanks Mom)
A blessing.
A blessing.
Mackenzie and Rickie and Liam arrive tonight.
A blessing.
John arrives tomorrow for our first Christmas together.
A blessing.
My hair is clean and so are my sheets.
A blessing.
I had a baked potato of dinner.
A blessing.
I went to the dentist today and have no cavities.
A blessing.
So many, many blessings today.

The season is upon us, and I am spending each moment I can think of being grateful. Although my eyes are dry and my limbs tired beyond compare. Although I have worked 11 days in a row straight. Although I haven’t worked out all week and my words for this post are slow. Although I still have things to do, and a life I want that doesn’t seem all the way possible. Despite all those things. Those small, insignificant things. I am home and that is much more than many people have, much less all the things I mentioned above.

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