Out and about

Today Mom and I went shopping in places we haven’t been to in years. Our old haunts. We meandered through Target, stopped in AC Moore, got a tea (and a cookie) at Starbucks, and shuffled through Barnes and Noble. There were a few more places we hit, all for the sake of getting things done for Mackenzie’s wedding, for John’s apartment, for the fact that summer was coming.

I aways find moments of giddy delight in one of us saying: “Well, shall we see what (name of store) has?” And the other one of us returning: “Might as well, since we are out.” By the end of the trip we are spent, thirsty, tired and ready to go home. We also come parading in with bags and bags of who knows what-not even realizing what we got until we unpack it all and see. It’s like buying it all over. little joys.

Out in the land of shopping, as our eyes glazed over, as we saw color and felt fabric between our little fingers; nodding to one another when we saw something practical and gushing over a finely made dress or a great pair of shoes. There is equal pleasure in stopping in to a thrift store and buying a cake plate for a dollar or a little mirror that needs to be painted a vibrant bubblegum pink. There is delight in finding just the thing you need. And there is delight in finding something odd and knowing you can make it just your style. Curiosity and imagination go a long way.

So does fun. So does a cookie. Or a pink drink. Or a little bit of extra fun.

Thanks, Mom. For making the mundane magical.

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