A Hope Chest of Light Keeping


I saw something the other day that said “Don’t compare, people don’t post their failures.” And it got me thinking about what failure is. What it means. When I feel like one. What I do to NOT feel like one. And then I thought, ok-so-when did it become so terrible to fail? When did getting everything right the first time around become a necessity? I hardly ever get anything right, at all, much less the first time around! What an absurd notion. What a bizarre standard. It’s impossible to achieve. It’s ridiculous to even hope for. But here we are, trying non the less. 
Katie and I had a discussion this weekend about quality vs quantity in life. What is more important, how that changes, how you must take from one thing to give to another. Time. Chance. Luck. Perseverance. Hope. Above all, Faith. Faith that the sun is going to rise again. You will have another chance. You will make a different decision and it might lead you where you need to go or, it may lead your further astray. 
Who knows. It’s a lot of hands up in the air, laughing these days at nothing but holding on to the heart strings type of weather. 
Anyway, I’m just here to say: Therese sent me a candle in the mail, and I spoke with both Jenyth and Katie on the phone this week, and I laughed really hard at something Mackenzie said, and in turn found something to make my mother laugh too. And Jasmine is keeping me sane, and Jes and I planned an imaginary trip and I’m gently finding my way through the mess. So, a big thank you to all the ladies out there keeping my failures funny, teary, honest, worthy of love, necessary but not stationary. And if you are out there reading this feeling the Monday blues and wishing on a wish that life made more sense-I encourage you to have a cream soda and give that voice inside your head a rest. Better yet, call a friend and hear a different voice. Better still-just let it be. We fail and succeed all at once and we are 100% enough. Don’t believe me? Look at a sunrise and tell me there isn’t always another chance. That failure is just a doorway to new possibilities. That it’s gonna be ok, trust me.

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