A Hope Chest of Light Keeping

grand mater

Questions to ask my great-grandmother Frances:
What did you do in the hard moments, and how did you get through them?
What brought you joy every time you experienced it and why?
How do you remember your mother best?
What do you like to do when it rains?
Do you hum when you do the dishes or sing out loud?
Do you rock like the rest of the women do in this family when you are in line at the grocery store?
What deep sorrow stopped you dead in your tracks?
What joy etched the lines on your face?
What ever happened when you thought you couldn’t go on?
Did you go on?
And if so, how?
And if not, why?
Can you forgive me for being afraid of you when I was young?
Was there ever anyone else in your life except for my great-grandfather?
How did you make it out of all this mess?
What are you looking at here and did you smile immediately after the photo was taken?
Where, oh where, did you buy that hat?

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