Vespers in gloaming light


And I say to you, I say to you (and what really do I know of these things)
I say when your heart says go:go.
And when your heart says run:run.
And when your heart says stay:stay.
Who says you need to play by the rules?
Who says there are rules at all?
Just small noticings and big wonder, awe and misery and joy.
What I’m saying is: be quiet and hear yourself.
What I’m saying is: shout until whatever it is that needs to be said is said and no longer slushing through your insides.
What I’m saying is: be ruthless in your gratitude and open with your heart. Be easy with it all. Ever gentle with yourself in new circumstances.
I am unrooted, no debt binds me, I have nothing to call my own, truly.
I am a ghost, in a way. I move as smoothly as a breeze. Sometimes I sit down and visit, often times I am hard to sense. It’s true, I am not good these days at being nailed down to an idea of what comes next. But again I say to you, this is what my heart is calling me to do. Like a tiny seed deep in the earth til spring. I’m enjoying not belonging anywhere at all.
The roots will come
The roots will go
The more I rest
The more I grow

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