A Hope Chest of Light Keeping


I’ve been sleeping so deep lately, as though a spell has been cast. My head hits the pillow and I extinguish like a flame blown out by loving lips. A soft puff of air and I falter and go under, not able to resurface for the whole night. It is not unlike walking towards a wave. You feel it coming and dive in, all sound muffled and limbs slowed. I awake like an out patient. Groggy with the natural anesthesia of deep sleep. After my appendix was taken out, I woke up in recovery with a warm towel wrapped around my head like Jacob Marley. Now I find I awake to socks around my neck and my shirt half on/half off.
I’m fighting battles somewhere in my subconscious.
That or I’m having a major dance party.
I don’t remember either, anyway.
But oh, I enjoy the drifting away portion. The coming too is a bit painful. The day greets me bright with energy, I long to stay put and fall back into the warm bath water of unconsciousness.
I see the sun setting and know that night thief will soon be shutting my eyes and I will hand myself over willingly.

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