A Hope Chest of Light Keeping

O night divine

Dear last Monday in December,

Well, friend, it is time to say goodbye again for another year. I want to thank you for all the kindness and joy you showed me over the past few weeks, being with you has gone swiftly and I don’t regret a moment of it.

It’s true I worked 11 days in a row, and it’s true I’ve eaten more cookies than I care to count. My work out routine has fallen out the window and I spent far too much money on clothes for myself. It’s true. All theses things are true. But more so, I’ve enjoyed the Christmas lights and the twinkling of the stars, the frosty air, the smell of pine, the poinsettias, the velvet, hearing my mom laugh with Mackenzie, making Dad walk on the cold beach, the cake at the Marriott, the Mall, Target, the banners that hail the holidays, the walk John and I took on Christmas where people wished us just that.

It’s not that its been all easy though, you are a tough month and I have cried a few times. Tears of frustration, of fear, of exhaustion and worry. But I know no good things comes for free. And for that I thank you. I thank you for the gifts, the gritty twinkle in my step, the twirling your cold wind does to my hair, that one day of snow, the countless hot chocolates, the glossy pastel dawns, the remembrance of loved ones no longer here, a heart big enough to hold it all with childlike glee, the sound of a the bell reminding me childhood is always within my grasp. Thank you.

For yonder brings a new and glorious morn,


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